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Spring is here and Herbs are coming in!

May 16, 2018

Springtime always gets me in the mood for fresh herbs to come and fresh ideas for what to use them with.  It seems a natural pairing for herbs and soft cheeses together,  but how many times have you made that simple cheese spread or caprese' salad and didn’t add herbs to the mix?  

You can transform your savory dish or snack from ordinary to extraordinary by adding the herbs,  and what better time to experiment with your family to see what herbs are the favorites? Whether you are just trying your hand at adding herbs to your dishes or are already an old hand at it, you should remember that herbs are always a natural addition to any savory bread recipes which incorporate cheeses.  

And try adding herbs to dishes that you are already accustomed to making and maybe you’ll discover a “new” dish all your own.  You won’t go wrong  with pairing basil or rosemary with mozzarella, or try thyme and chervil with your ricotta. Depending on your region fresh herbs may be ready via your farmer’s markets or reach out to a local grower and see if they have any growing in their greenhouse.

Any number of wonderful recipes can be found on this worldwide web of course, but when making a dish that calls for that mozzarella or ricotta cheese why not consider making your own?  Making your own fresh cheese not only leaves out the preservatives found in the supermarket varieties, but naturally tastes better, and hey… it just plain feels good!! Here is a great looking savory herb and cheese monkey bread recipe I found on fivehearthome.com http://www.fivehearthome.com/2013/11/11/savory-herb-cheese-monkey-bread/

Did you know Hobby Hill Farm Fresh teaches classes in cheesemaking?  A two hour class at our brick and mortar store or your place of business will teach you the basics.  After 2 hours you will be able to master mozzarella and ricotta. Be a star when hosting your next Sunday brunch with this recipe from eatingwell.com http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/249231/blueberry-ricotta-pancakes/

Written and shared by guest blogger Lisa Nye.

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