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Croissants by Hobby Hill Farm Fresh

Ask most people what gets their taste buds and their memories flowing, and baked goods often top the list. Who doesn’t remember a special Christmas, memorable Thanksgiving, or a great meal at a favorite restaurant, made even better by warm bread or rolls? Bread isn’t just the Staff of Life – it’s the Stuff of Dreams.

What trip to France would be complete without buttery, flaky croissants? Eager bakers and bakers-to-be joined Sharon M. on April 21st at the Waynesboro Parks & Recreation Building for a double feature – bread and rolls in the morning, and croissants in the afternoon. This experience was truly hands on, as Sharon reminded everyone that a good pair of hands is still the best cooking equipment. Moisture, texture, consistency – all of these are best determined by touching the dough. There is no shortage of excellent cooking shows on television, so what are the advantages of taking an actual class with an instructor? The obvious answer is that you get to take your creations home, and eat them! More than that, however, is the whole experience of making your rolls and croissants from scratch. Nothing gives you an appreciation for a good yeast roll or croissant like seeing how much effort going into the final glorious result.

Since people have different levels of cooking skills, Sharon’s class was a great place to share knowledge and learn from the triumphs and mistakes of fellow students. Everyone pitched in to ensure that all had a chance at putting together the ingredients, mixing, rolling out the dough, and cutting and shaping the rolls and croissants. The reward for such efforts? The pleasure of eating rolls, as well as plain and chocolate croissants warm from the oven. We couldn’t wait to go home, to recreate the magic in our own kitchens.

With Sharon’s excellent instructions, her help, and enthusiasm, she made a classroom of eager bakers converts to the joy of warm rolls, and the fine French art of croissant making. One thing’s for sure! None of us will every look at an industrial, fast food croissant the same way again! Written by Michelle Mead - a workshop student. 

A very special "Thank You" to Michelle for submitting this article about our classes offered via Waynesboro Parks & Recs.  We love to teach but most importantly we love the relationships we build with our attendees. If you would like to write an article for Hobby Hill Farm please submit to sharon@hobbyhillfarmfresh.com