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Now serving Wine and Beer during our Culinary Classes. Please remember your ID.
Meet Jenny from Sipping Streams Tea Company

Meet Jenny from Sipping Streams Tea Company

We are so happy to introduce a new friend to Hobby Hill Farm.  Please check out Sipping Streams Tea located in Fairbanks Alaska.  No I haven't been to Alaska...yet! Jenny and I connected over the internet based on similar interests. The Love of Tea.  As you know Hobby Hill Farm has held multiple Tea Parties in our brick and mortar location.  My favorite has been the English Breakfast Tea.  Jenny's goal is to change that and she has brought a recipe along to do just that.

Times have been stressful these past few weeks and we know that those who take part are trying new cocktails at home.  Jenny has an extensive background in Tea.  You can find her book at Amazon - The Essence of Tea: The Transformational Journey of a Tea Connoisseur.  Jenny's book is available on Kindle or Paperback.

Here is the Amazon preview: Jenny delightfully shares: tea’s interesting history, how and why the caffeine in tea and coffee affect you differently, the nutritional properties of tea, why and how to drink matcha tea, how to properly taste tea, tea’s healing properties, and much, much more!

Earl Grey Martini by Sipping Streams Tea

We can't wait to host Jenny this week on our livestream broadcast.  We will also be serving our Martini's in these real cool glasses from Bludiddy. The glasses will keep your Martini cold to the very last drop.  I highly recommend these for a Martini but you can also grab some for your other types of cocktails and Beer.