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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Did you make any resolutions?  It's already 1/1/2020 have you broken your resolution as of yet?

Here at Hobby Hill we like to offer alternatives for all types of diets and/or lifestyle changes.  We offer Gluten Free, Vegan and now we are adding a line of keto products.  If you are a diabetic and you are watching the amount of sugar via Carbohydrates then we are here to help.

Our new line of Protein Boxes are here with a balance between proteins and carbohydrates from hard boiled eggs to cheese to multi-grain bread options.

For those on Keto we know that you crave something a little sweet and we also know that you can not process sugar without comprising the ketosis state you are in to burn fat.  Fat Bombs use simple ingredients that are perfect for an on the go snack or boost of energy.

Stop in and try our Fat Bombs today.