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Templates for Eclairs & Profiteroles

Pate' Choux Pastry is HOT right now and our Eclairs and Profiteroles classes are always full.  If you have taken one of our classes then you know we like to use piping bags and cookie scoops to make uniform sizes for our Eclairs and Profiteroles.  In addition, we LOVE our laminated templates.  They are just one of the tools that helps keep things on track.

Consistency is the key with what ever you are making.  Measure all components to assure that the results are consistent.  If you are having trouble making your Pate' Choux based items then contact us.  If you would like our templates then feel free to download them here.  Print Eclair Template and Profiteroles Template laminate to keep them clean.  Remove laminated sheet prior to baking.