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Sourdough Cinnamon or Sticky Buns

Mon 07/08/24 10am

Indulge in our delicious Sourdough Cinnamon or Sticky Buns, expertly crafted with our signature sourdough for a unique and delicious taste. Made with real cinnamon, our Cinnamon Buns are perfect for a satisfying breakfast or sweet treat any time of day. Try them now and taste the difference!

Welcome to Sourdough Cinnamon Buns

What to expect: 

  • Attendees will enjoy freshly baked Cinnamon Buns in the class.
  • Attendees will take home Cinnamon or Sticky Buns to bake at a later date.
  • Attendees will take home directions to make both products.

Supplies to have on ha

What to bring: Bring yours own starter. Containers to take home Cinnamon Buns, container to take home you sourdough cinnamon bun dough that will need to proof for 8-12 hours.


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