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Brunch Quiche from Scratch, Feta Cheese, & Baguettes and Bruschetta

Cinn-sational Cinnamon and Bourbon Buns

One of the smells that draws me to the food court when I am at the mall is the smell of fresh baked cinnamon buns. Close your eyes and picture the steam coming off the hot yeasty buns.  The smell is to die for.  Spread the freshly made cream cheese icing and let it melt into all the cracks and crevices. 
In our classes you will make the dough that makes the buns. While your buns are rising I will teach you how to make homemade cream cheese icing. When everything is said and done in this 2 hour class we will sit down and enjoy a bun that YOU made.  Please bring an apron and some containers that you can transport product home in.

Customer Reviews

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Fun times with cinnamon buns!

My husband and I both took the cinn-sational cinnamon bun class. We moved right along, kept to a schedule, learned a lot about what we were doing, and enjoyed a bun and a soda at the end of the class. We took home 8 buns of our own to bake when we got home. Because we had 16 buns between us, we shared half with our children nearby. They all thought they were amazing! Thank you Sharon!❤️ PS: the frosting is incredible!

Maryann Fraser

Cinn-sational Cinnamon and Bourbon Buns

barbara scott
Cinnamon Bun Class

Sharon was very organized and the class was really fun. She give you lots of tips! And the cinnamon buns were delicious after class, the next day, and a week later out of the freezer! Barbara S

Karen Barnett
Yummy cinnabuns

The class was a fun and interesting two hours. My main purpose in taking the class was to work with yeast, not necessarily making Cinnabons. But the delicious Cinnabons was an extra benefit. The classes are kept small so Sharon can give everyone individual attention. The Cinnabons were wonderful and now I can have them anytime I want and can make them for friends. I’m looking forward to taking more classes from her.

Thank you Karen for the review. Looking forward to seeing you at the next class! ~sharon

Emily Oakes

So much fun and soooo yummy. Try the sticky buns too

Thank you for your review. So nice to see you and your Mom for this delicious class. I love that this recipe is so versatile for making Sticky Buns as well. Again, Thank you for your support. ~sharon