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Fly Whisp - Fly Whisk

Updated 05/2022:

We would like to thank all of our customers for their trust in providing a beautiful keepsake piece.  Changes in the economy has us pivoting once again and we have decided to no longer offer these completed items. We know that you would like a keepsake from your equine and we are happy to offer an online course on how to make your own saving you time, shipping costs and the ability to change the colors and design.  This course should be available by 10/1/2022.  Send us an email to : sharon@hobbyhillfarm.com and we will be happy to send the details on the upcoming course.

It's that time of year when the flies are out and you and your friends are on the trail. The bugs are out of control and your horse is getting frustrated. If you were not riding they would be rolling in the dirt and running from flies. Two things you don't want happening when you are on the trail. Option one - You could stop and apply more fly sprays or ointments, option two - stay mounted and whisk those annoying bugs away and the lastly - ride back to the barn or trailer and pack up your ride is over.... I don't ride nearly as often as I like so I choose option two.

Fly Whisp - Fly Whisk

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