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Mozzarella & Ricotta In-Store

Mozzarella is a universal cheese that is perfect alone, delicious with tomatoes, basil and balsamic or as a topping to Pizza. I love Mozzarella melted over zita pasta with Meatballs. Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese making classes are so POPULAR that we teach these classes multiple times a week.
Have you ever wished you could make Mozzarella?  I can teach you how to make fresh mozzarella in under 30 minutes.  If you love cheese then this is your class. We have multiple classes each month and we will make 2 cheeses in just under 2 hours. 
This is a per person fee and includes our famous pretzels during the break.  This class is so much more than making cheese.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Delish pizza and mozzarella

I never knew how simple it was to make delicious mozzarella. Also the pizza dough was delicious, even though I did not handle it correctly- next time will b better. A very fun class with nice people and an excellent instructor. Thank you Sharon and Zoe.

Chris Fauerbach
Cold pizza with delicious mozzarella!

My 15 year old son and I did the mozzarella making class last week. We had an absolute blast! Way easier than I thought, probably because we had excellent instruction. The pizza afterwards was a nice bonus treat. Yes, I ate it for breakfast the next day.. mmmm

Dennis Sugumele
Fun and Educational Experience

Wonderful class. Very informative and tasty!

Steve Wical
Making cheese is fun !!!

I had a wonderful time learning how to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese. The class is very informative and I would love to take other classes in the future!!

Melissa Newman
Fun class

My friend and I had signed up for this class together and we had a blast! Super fun interactive class with delicious pizza at the end!

Thank you Melissa for the review. Cheese and Bread rock especially when made into a Pizza. We are so glad that you and your friend were able to share this experience together. ~sharon