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Mozzarella & Ricotta In-Store Hands-on

Mozzarella is a universal cheese that is perfect alone, delicious with tomatoes, basil and balsamic or as a topping to Pizza. I love Mozzarella melted over zita pasta with Meatballs. Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese making classes are so POPULAR that we teach these classes multiple times a week.
Have you ever wished you could make Mozzarella?  I can teach you how to make fresh mozzarella in under 30 minutes.  If you love cheese then this is your class. We have multiple classes each month and we will make 2 cheeses in just under 2 hours. 
This is a per person fee and includes our famous pretzels during the break.  This class is so much more than making cheese.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Great class!

Great class. I used what I learned in class to make mozzarella last night at home and it came out great! Can’t believe how easy it is to make. Thanks for teaching me and I look forward to taking more classes!

Fantastic class!

My mother, sisters, daughter, & I had a wonderful time making cheese with Sharon! She is funny, patient, and talented!! We had the best Mother’s Day together making mozzarella and ricotta! Sharon even shared drinks and snacks with us, and gave us supplies to make more cheese at home!! This class is worth every penny! I really wish Hobby Hill was closer because I would take all the classes!!

Thank you! Loved meeting you and your family. So glad you had a great time. Such a great photo of you and the group. I wish I had more locations for classes like these. Maybe in the future. ~sharon

Kathy Donovan
Fun date night!

Making cheese is so easy. Who knew? Scratch pizza is the best. No more frozen cardboard pizza for us! Her secret sauce is wonderful. May have to break in to find recipe! Highly recommend.

Pizza, Pizza...

I had a GREAT time making fresh mozzarella and pizza at Hobby Hill. Sharon is the BEST instructor. She has all the information, materials, and knowledge to help anyone succeed regardless of your experience. This was my third class at Hobby Hill with more in the future! I added a picture of my baked pizza with fresh mozzarella - Delicious!

Tisha Gray
Mozzarella and Ricotta class

So much fun!! Sharon is an amazing teacher! Will definitely take more classes. I knew absolutely nothing about making cheese and after the class felt confident that I could do this at home without Sharon holding my hand. Did I mention she is freaking amazing?! Made cannoli dip with the ricotta that was so yummy. The mozzarella never stood a chance once my family got hold of it!! It was eaten in slices that night!

Thank you Tisha for the review. Such a pleasure to meet you. I am so happy to hear that everyone loved the cheeses. I love cannoli's and especially the dip. Let us know if you need anything. Enjoy! ~Sharon - Hobby Hill Farm