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Macarons, Sugar Cookies and Yule Logs Just say YES!

French Macarons


French Macaron's are the best! Learn to make these delicate cookies and fill them for family, friends, parties or work events. This is a per person event.  Each person will make one batch of macarons and fill them with their choice of our flavored buttercream, cream cheese or chocolate icings. What's the best part of this class? Macarons are naturally gluten free!  when made in our facility may have traces of gluten as we are not licensed as Gluten Free. 

All Hands On - this is not a Demonstration   
We believe that you make them - You take them*

*Please bring two box type containers to take your delicate cookies home with you. Forgot your boxes? No problem we will have boxes for sale. 

 This class will run 2 to 2.5 hours.

Additionally services for our ADULT ONLY class where we make specialty buttercreams using your favorite spirits.  The addition is part of our Boo-gee Buttercreams option.

(check our policy for Missed Classes as all of our classes are non-refundable.  Supplies are purchased based on your registration).

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Cindy Creed

Such a fun class. Sharon was amazing! With her guidance through each step, everyone was successful in making delicious macarons. Can't wait to try making my first batch on my own.

Elizabeth Blandford
French Macarons - Magnificent

Sharon has worked her magic again! Theresa macaron class is impressive! Sign up for the next one!! You will be pleased!

Blanche Ridgeway
French Macarons

What a fun class! So yummmmm😀🤙

Erin Keim
Easy to follow

I had tried making macarons several times on my own and never could get the cute “feet”. Sharon made it easy to follow and succeed. I made the most professional looking macarons and had fun while doing it. Sharon has a gift for teaching and obviously loves what she does!

Thank you Erin for the review! So nice to see you in our in-store class. You got this girl!! Keep me updated as things progress.

Alexis Decker
Super helpful

I love baking but have been intimidated by macarons for a long time. The teacher was very helpful in explaining each step and guiding me through the process. I’m quite pleased with the result and just pulled a batch of macarons out of my oven at home!

Thank you Alexis. I know these can be tricky. Once you have a couple batches down without an issue then you are going to be going into business. Everyone will be calling for them and you will be like no problem! Keep me updated. We are here for you! ~sharon