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GLUTEN FREE Soft Pretzels

Sat 11/04/23 2pm

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Enjoy the treat of freshly-made soft pretzels without the worry of gluten! Our GLUTEN FREE Soft Pretzels are freshly-crafted in a culinary class for an authentic, delicious experience. Enjoy the classic snack, minus the gluten.

Making gluten-free pretzels may seem daunting at first, but with the right recipe and some patience, you'll be able to enjoy delicious homemade pretzels in no time.

Allergens: This class uses Gluten Free Flour. Please advise if you have additional food allergies before signing up.

Ingredients - Eggs, Dairy

Customer Reviews

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Julia Perkinson
Gluten free Pretzels

Lots of fun working with Sharon & others in class mixing together ingredients & making twist right to look like a pretzel! Sharon is the best instructor helping you get it just right! Really enjoyed class & learned a lot about gluten free ingredients & the expense of gluten free ingredients!