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Gluten Free - Cinnamon Buns

One of the smells that draws me to the food court when I am at the mall is the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Close your eyes and picture the steam coming off the hot yeasty buns.  The smell is to die for.  Unfortunately, these Buns are usually made with all purpose flour or flour that contains Gluten. In this class, we will make these buns with Gluten Free Flour.

Spread the freshly made cream cheese icing and let it melt into all the cracks and crevices. 

While your buns are rising I will teach you how to make homemade cream cheese icing. When everything is said and done in this 2-hour class we will sit down and enjoy a Gluten Free.  Please bring an apron and some containers that you can transport the product home in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rebecca Parks
Gluten Free Cinnamon Buns class

Great time. Delicious cinnamon buns!

Patience Armstrong
Cinnabon without the gluten

We got to make our own batch of cinnamon buns, and taste some pre-made with different flours for comparison. Quite a sugar buzz. It was busy and took the full 2 hours - glad the class was only 6 people; with more it would have been nuts. Fun class with goodies to take home.

Thank you Patience. We are so glad that you enjoyed your class with us at Hobby Hill Farm. Gluten Free can be challenging which is why we go above and beyond with multiple flour options. Anyone who has chosen a GF path knows that there are challenges which can add to the time allotted in a class. We love smaller classes on the GF classes for just these reasons. ~sharon

Nancy Perry

Gluten Free - Cinnamon Buns

Thank you Nancy. I am so glad we had a chance to catch up on why you provided a 2 star review. Please know anytime you are in our class that there are additional options. Cinnamon Buns are typically served with Cream Cheese Icings but if I had known you preferred Vanilla Buttercream then I would have been happy to assist with making that change. As for texture -this is based on the temperature and agitation of the yeast and the amount of time for proofing. Our recipe is tried and true with each of the 3 brands we had as options. We are available if you need additional assistance. ~sharon