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Very Dairy Soft Cheese Class - Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Quark & Buttermilk

Mon 8/28/23 6pm

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Our Very Dairy Soft Cheese Class is the perfect place to learn how to make Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Quark(Boursin), Yogurt and Buttermilk.
Soft Cheeses in our class are cheeses made with cultures. If the thought of working with cultures or a bacteria is scary then join our class and let's take it step by step.  We will have you wanting more cheeses by the end of the class. Don't be intimidated by the thought of a scary culture. They are easy to use, make and store.
Add cultures to a little bit of dairy allow them to do their job and then sit back and enjoy the flavor you created. Your family and friends will love that you make fresh cheese without preservatives and will request them at every family affair.

Here is what you get for $75:

Hands on class held in Powhatan location. Small classes with individualized attention.

Here are the cheese we will make:

          Cream Cheese, Buttermilk, Yogurt, Sour Cream & Quark(Boursin). 

Here is what you need to bring:

      Bring several quart-sized containers so that you can take the product home.

      Bring an Apron as we work in a hands-on environment.

      Bring 2 small coolers.  One for warm and one for cold contents. If you have a thermos that will also work to keep your items at a set temperature for the required number of hours.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joan H
Great class

Fun way to learn about making some delicious cheese. Sharon is very knowledgeable and makes the class fun. Highly recommend her classes.

Thankyou for the review and recommendation Joan. So happy you were able to make the class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese and I almost Love teaching the subject as much as I LOVE eating cheese. ~sharon

Karen Barnes
Best cheese class for all you favorites.

I took a cheese class with Sharon that included cream cheese, sour cream, quark, and buttermilk. As someone who loves to bake bread with buttermilk and also biscuits I found the buttermilk to be extremely rich and creamy. Sharon is a wonderful teacher, who gives you all the tools for success in making these cheeses. I had so much fun and learned so much. Thank you Sharon for a wonderful class. I recommend do anyone loves these types of cheeses to take this class and upgrade all of their store bought cheeses to homemade with these recipes and techniques. Great class!

Thank you Karen. This is just the beginning. After you have had a chance to play with the cultures check back with me and lets see what other cheeses you can make. Enjoy!! ~sharon

Yvette B Simard
Fun and learning

This class was so much fun, Sharon is a great teacher with a good sense of humor, makes class enjoyable. Plus you come home with lo lots of cheese that you made plus supply to make mor.

Thank you Yvette! Yes, LOTS and LOTS of cheeses. Let us know which is your favorite and how you used the cheeses you made. We love photos. ~Sharon

Anita Price
Simple farm cheeses

You leave with a bounty of goods, information and best of all "hands on experience"! By actively participating the techniques, creative options and wholesome simplicity are clearly achievable. Loved it, doing other classes soon! BTW, do not miss out on the farm dairy class on Mozzarella/Ricotta, which I loved!

Thank you Anita. So glad that you enjoyed all your products. My last group did a 'taste challenge' for the Mayo for the Buttermilk Dressing. How much fun can that be? Best Ranch Dressing on the Block! Thank you again! ~sharon