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Cream Puff Friday - Pre-Order Page


Do you count down to Friday? I sure do!! I'm pretty sure it is for different reasons.  My reason - CREAM PUFF FRIDAY!! It's a way for me to make everyone's week special.  We can only bake so many cream puffs in a day and since they are so popular we want to make sure we can meet the demand.  Pre-order here and we will reserve your quantity to be picked up between the hours of 11-3pm.

Gluten Free is here!! These are baked in a kitchen that processes Gluten products.  These Gluten Free cream puffs have a delicious taste but a definite change in texture. 

Bon appetit!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa Wright

Cream Puff Friday - Pre-Order Page

Kim Kready
Sooooooo yummy!

The cream puffs are amazing! I try not to get them too often or I would weigh a lot more than I do now! I got them for me and my husband for our anniversary. They were SO good! Everything from Hobby Hill is delicious!

Thank you Kim! I am so happy to hear you are loving the cream puffs. Totally understand but a splurge in moderation is 'ok' especially when you have the cream and the chocolate.
Enjoy! ~Hobby Hill Farm

Mary Pross

I recently ordered the cream puffs and loved every bite. They were fresh and absolutely delicious. I wish they were available more often.

Thank you so much Mary. Did you know we teach a class in making my Grandmother's secret recipe? Check out our website and sign up today. ~sharon - Hobby Hill Farm

Clarke Carolyn
Cream puffs

Very yummy!!

So glad you enjoyed them Carolyn and Thank You for the review. ~the Team at Hobby Hill