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Cream Puff Friday - Pre-Order Page


Do you count down to Friday? I sure do!! I'm pretty sure it is for different reasons.  My reason - CREAM PUFF FRIDAY!! It's a way for me to make everyone's week special.  We can only bake so many cream puffs in a day and since they are so popular we want to make sure we can meet the demand.  Pre-order here and we will reserve your quantity to be picked up between the hours of 11-3pm.

Gluten Free is here!! These are baked in a kitchen that processes Gluten products.  These Gluten Free cream puffs have a delicious taste but a definite change in texture. 

Bon appetit!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mary S
Ordering Cream Puffs was Super Easy

Best way to ensure you’ll get your cream puffs on Friday, pre-order them! I love the cream puffs and so do my friends that receive them!!

Debra Arnold
Oozingin creme

The cream puff oozes in two flavored creme. The chocolate is the crowning touch. They are big!

Mary Pross
OMG the best ever!!

I have ordered the cream puffs several times as a special treat for me and as dessert for guests. The above quote is always their reaction. I love them and would recommend ordering either by phone or online. I promise you won't be sorry!!

Lisa Wright

Cream Puff Friday - Pre-Order Page

Kim Kready
Sooooooo yummy!

The cream puffs are amazing! I try not to get them too often or I would weigh a lot more than I do now! I got them for me and my husband for our anniversary. They were SO good! Everything from Hobby Hill is delicious!

Thank you Kim! I am so happy to hear you are loving the cream puffs. Totally understand but a splurge in moderation is 'ok' especially when you have the cream and the chocolate.
Enjoy! ~Hobby Hill Farm