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14 Carat - Carrot Cake Jam by Hobby Hill Farm


Our signature 14 Carat - Carrot Cake Jam is made exclusively by Hobby Hill Farm. This jam makes a statement.  So versatile as this Jam can be spread over cream cheese and served with a buttery flavored cracker, swirled into Greek yogurt, spooned over Vanilla ice cream or as our customer put it - slap your mama good when basted on your favorite pork products.

Contains - Pineapple, Carrots, Pears, Raisins and spices(nutmeg,vanilla,cinnamon), Lemon Juice & Pectin. Certified as a Virginia's Finest product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lynn H.
Delicious and Unusual Jam !

Absolutely delicious- tastes just like carrot cake in a jar ! Spread some slightly sweet honey or pineapple flavored soft cream cheese spread on a plain butter cookie, and put a small dollop of this over the cream cheese spread- divine !

So glad you enjoyed the Jam. May we also suggest that you spread a little on a toasted bagel with cream cheese. It's my favorite way. Also, on grilled chicken and shrimp. Enjoy straight from the jar :)

Alison Sinclair
This is amazing!

I got a jar of carrot cake jam a while back and the ingredients sounded so good I was saving it for a special occasion. Well, this morning I made some toast and figured I would give it a taste. I must say this is about the best jam I've ever tasted! You can taste all the ingredients in every bite - and it does taste just like carrot cake. I'm ordering some for me and some for my daughter at college. Awesome stuff.

Thank you Alison for the review on our VA Finest Carrot Cake Jam. So glad you enjoyed the taste and we are hoping your daughter does too. May we also suggest this over Pork Tenderloin, Vanilla Ice Cream or with our in-store made cream cheese and pretzels. Thank you again and Enjoy! ~Sharon - Hobby Hill Farm Fresh

Carrot Cake Jam

The carrot cake jam taste AMAZING!!

Fred H (St. Augustine, FL)
Keep Cominb Back

Delicious product (Carrot Cake Jam); Prompt delivery!

Thank you Fred - So glad you enjoy our favorite Carrot Cake Jam. Love it with our Pretzel Chips, on a bagel and we have customers who add to goat cheese and bake in a phyllo cup. I pretty much like it straight out of the jar :).