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Cooling Product Care

 Cooling Product Care

Hobby Hill water activated cooling products

Hobby Hill Farm cooling products are made with Hydroweave® a unique, three-layer fabric that enables the wearer to exchange heat with cooling comfort. Products are submerged in water for a few minutes to absorb and distribute the optimal amount of water within its fibrous core.

Super-absorbent fiber core

Using a patented three layer design the fabric combines hydrophilic fibers (fibers that attract water) and hydrophobic fibers (fibers that repel water) into a fiber batting core. This special batting is sandwiched between a breathable outer shell and a thermally conductive inner lining, which provides durability, separates the wearer from moisture, and acts as a critical conduit for exchanging user heat with cooling comfort. HEAT is transferred from the body into the core where it is evaporated. Available in a high loft or compressed fabric option.


Zip-Lock Package Instructions

HHF cooling products come pre-packaged in a zip-lock activation sack for quick and easy activation. To begin just add 16 oz of water into the sack, zip it closed and shake bag slightly to even water distribution.  Optimal time to charge vest may vary – we recommend 5-10 minutes for the fabric to absorb and evenly distribute the water.

Submersion Method

Soak products in a sink or container of water for 3-5 minutes.  Gently wring out excess water wiping away excess moisture from the inner lining before use.

Machine Activation

Activate your vest, “horse cooling vest” or crate blanket in the rinse cycle of your washing machine.  This forces more water into the fibers and also spins out any excess water providing a uniform activation.  Remove strap hardware before activation or washing of garment.

Product Care

Proper care will extend the life of your garment. It is not necessary to wash the garment after every use.  Store “koozie” in a clean dry Zip-lock bag when completely dry.

  • Pre-treat stains with stain remover

  • Pre-soak in washing machine for 5 minutes before adding detergent

  • Wash product on Gentle Cycle

  • Soap Recommendation – Dye Free, Fragrance Free

  • Do not use chlorine bleach

  • Line or machine dry

  • Store garment only when dry – (line drying time can be up to 72 hours


Does the size I ordered FIT properly?

Not sure if your garment fits properly?  Not a problem you may just need a quick adjustment. We are here to help.  First, take a photo of your horse with and without the garment on.  Once the garment is on then check your strap adjustment.  Make sure the straps are criss-crossed.  The adjustment buckle should not be on top of the withers. Once the straps are adjusted then you can remove garment and activate .  Please straps back on and attach to your horse.  Check for any areas that may rub.  Horses that have been body clipped may require the optional straps as the hairs have been shortened and do not provide as much coverage where the straps will lie. Take a photo and email to us for fit suggestions. Still not sure if the garment fits properly? Not a problem.  You may return the product to us for a refund as long as it has not been activated. 

What do I do with the Garment when I remove from my Horse?

Take the straps off and hang dry your garment of place into the activation sack provided.  Place sack in the refrigerator with an additional volume of water sealing the bag.  Remove from refrigerator attach straps and re-apply.

How long will my Cooling Vest last?

Cooling products will last many seasons if properly cared for.  This means that when you remove the product you hang dry and do not allow the product to sit in a bag of water with your straps or other hardware without being thoroughly dry. We have many horse owners still using their Equine Cooling Vest after 5 years by replacing the elastic straps.