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Now serving Wine and Beer during our Culinary Classes. Please remember your ID.

*New* Embark on a Greek Gastronomic Adventure: Beyond Baklava and Pita

Mon 08/19/24 2pm

Triopita, Kolokithokeftedes & Galaktoboureko

Discover the rich and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine with our Gastronomic Adventure. Indulge in delectable dishes such as Triopita, kolokithokeftedes, and galaktoboureko, expanding your palate beyond just Baklava and Pita. Treat yourself to a authentic taste of Greece with this culinary experience.

Please let us know if you have any food Allergens.

This class is a 2.5- 3 hours class and may run a little longer as we enjoy our fresh made meal with the class.

Customer Reviews

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So much yummy food!

It was unbelievable how much expense and time was put into this class ahead of and during this class! Sharon is always a wonderful teacher! The sweet pie was so delicious it was hard to stop eating. Thank you Sharon and Zoey!!!