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Here Come The Girl Scouts

Photo of Girl Scout Culinary Class Girls Scouts Rock!

This past week we were thrilled to host a Pizza Party for an Amelia County Girl Scout Troop.  The GIRLS (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk Taker, Leader) showed up expecting a class on how to make pizza from scratch. 

Hobby Hill Farm was happy to take on this task as we were informed midway through the class that no one else wanted to offer classes and that they were thrilled to find a place such as Hobby Hill Farm. We booked this class 60 days earlier based on a telephone call. It’s so easy to do, just call us at 804-598-6095  or email sharon@hobbyhillfarm.com and let us know your interests and we can tailor a class specifically to your group.  The group’s co-leader Mary thought a class in basics of recipes would be right up their alley. Based on the conversation, I knew we would have some down time while the pizzas were cooking, so I offered a quick class in cupcake decorating. We started the class with each of the girls coming up to the mixing station where they stood on a stool to see all the ingredients. One by one they followed the recipe and made their very first pizza dough.  The troop leaders were laughing so hard since they have hand mixers and our classroom uses kitchen aid mixers with dough hooks. This is when I wished I had a contract or affiliate link for Kitchen Aid. I see a kitchen aid mixer in their future. Now it’s time to make the pizzas.  As the girls come up to the work tables and grab a handful of dough visions of flour in the air came to mind.  They were so good as they kept more of their dough on the work surface then the floor.  With the help of our staff, Carolyn and Lisa, we quickly worked to get all pizza circles made and assembled with the troop.  Fixins included Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Ham and Cheese. Now it was time to bake and I already had the next task ready to go. With the Pizza pie was in the oven cupcake decorating. Approaching this beautifully decorated table you could see cupcakes, spoons, cups and sprinkles in every color under the rainbow. The best part was when we handed the girls their own individually packaged icing bags.  Can you just picture their eyes? After all, what child doesn't like icing.  I truly think the kids could have been happy with just the bag of frosting.  Check out the smiles on these girls with those rainbow colored faces. Girl Scout Party

Abby all smiles after finishing her cupcake. Each of the girls decided it was best to eat their cupcake first and take some pizza home.  Since everyone was on board for dessert first we cleared the table and prepared the to-go bags.  Yes, everyone also takes something good to eat home with them when they book a culinary class with Hobby Hill Farm. Click here to see our recent post on how to make royal icing sprinkles. Time goes by so fast when you are having fun.  Before we knew it the timer was buzzing and the pizza's were finished. It was time to unveil the pizzas.  One by one the girls went to the kitchen carrying their very own pizza box and picked up their freshly cooked pizzas. It was sad to see them go but I know that we will have more opportunities to work with them in the future. It's been so long since I was in the girl scouts.  I wished that we had the opportunities the girls have now a days.  Yes, those opportunities exist you just have to go out and find them.  We hope you enjoyed the recap of our class with the Girl Scouts.  If you would like more information on the GIRLS SCOUTS click here http://www.comgirlscouts.org/en/about-girl-scouts/who-we-are.html .  They have been in existence since 1912. What an extraordinary journey when one woman started building girls of courage, confidence and character. If you would like more information on our culincary classes or to see a schedule just follow this link to our on-line listing at https://hobbyhillfarmfresh.com/culinary-classes-c-8.html?pg=categories , contact the store for what is on the schedule or suggest a class and we will add it to our listing.