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Sweet & Heat Tomato Jam by Hobby Hill Farm

Our customers can't get enough of this 10 ounce jar of Sweet & Heat Tomato Jam. It's so good iyt's been selected as a Virginia's Finest Product.

We serve this jam with our Asiago or Roasted Garlic Pretzels.  It is the perfect dipping sauce.  Just the right touch of heat of sweetness for Beef or Cheese products. Have you ever had a spicy tomato basted Meatloaf dinner? We slather Sweet & Heat on our house made Meatloaf and this has become one of our most popular dishes at our the cafe. The crunchy topping is so good you will ask us for more to dip. 

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Pepper Flakes, Salt and Lime Juice.  

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