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Equine Cooling Vest - Cooling Garment


We have run out of stock for this item.

The FIRST and ONLY garment to bring heat relief to our Equines without ice or gel packs. There is no refrigeration needed. Activate with H20 (Water) for immediate Heat Relief.

Our products are SAFE as they are made from Non-Toxic Materials. There is no oozing of fabric as with a PEF (Polymer Embedded Fabric). Choose the ONLY Equine Cooling product when you want to feel safe that you and your horses are not being subjected to toxic materials.

Our Cooling Vest comes pre-embroidered with our company horsehead logo. If you would like a plain or custom embroidered garment please select at checkout.

Choose from our 4 available sizes ( If you are unsure of sizing please contact us for assistance):

  • Average Horse Size
  • Pony Size - indicate size and breed at check out
  • Miniature Horse
  • Draft Horse

What's new? Faux Sheepskin elastic covers. Check them out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Florida Horse Mom
Must have for Florida

My horse has anxiety issues on the trailer which are elevated when she's trailered alone. Not to mention here in Florida it feels like it gets 1000 degrees. The vest was worn on the trailer, on the trail for walking only (me on foot, no riding) as well as two trail rides. It makes a huge difference in her condition when she gets off the trailer. Not only does it cool, but I think it soothes her in general. On the trail it keeps her cooler as well. Love it!

Thank you for the review and we are so happy to hear this product works for your horse in more ways than one. ~the Team at Hobby Hill

Jennifer Rogers
Good For Riding Not For In The Pasture

The cooling vest is fine for riding in. I am unable to use it on my draft horse in the pasture because when he puts his head down to eat the vest loosens and doesn't stay in contact with his chest. If his head is up then it maintains contact.

Kelly David
Equine Cooling vest

My two horses seem to like their cooling vests. It’s been Quite hot here. I soak them in Coldwater for about five minutes and put them on and it keeps their chest nice and cool which lowers their body temperature. Well worth The price for the comfort of your horses

Love this for my horses

Very easy to use and beneficial for our horses! They don’t mind it on at all, and it definitely works. Really good quality and worth the price

Sarah H

I LOVE MY VEST & CAP LINER! I still ride early enough in the morning that I don't usually need it. However, I've been working in the yard after my ride until about noon or 90 degrees, whichever comes first. The vest & cap keep me comfortable & cool. I forwarded your website to ALL of my equine friends and told them that the vest & cap work! I know my friend, Shelley, ordered a vest & cap also from you. I'm putting the caps on a list for Christmas & birthday gifts. Thanks for having an excellent product! Sarah H.