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Equine Cooling Vest

The FIRST and ONLY garment to bring heat relief to our Equines without ice or gel packs. There is no refrigeration needed. Activate with H<sub>2</sub>0 (Water) for immediate Heat Relief.

Our products are SAFE. Made from Non-Toxic Material without gels or beads. There is no oozing of fabric as with a &PEF (Polymer Embedded Fabric). Choose the ONLY Equine Cooling product when you want to feel safe that you and your horses are not being subjected to toxic materials.

Our Cooling Vest comes pre-embroidered with our company horse head logo. If you would like a plain or custom embroidered garment please select at checkout.

Choose from our 4 available sizes ( If you are unsure of sizing please contact us for assistance):

Average Horse Size
Pony Size - indicate size and breed at check out
Miniature Horse
Draft Horse

What's new?  Faux Sheepskin elastic covers. Check them out!


How to apply the Equine Cooling Vest:

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