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Custom Fly Whisp with handcrafted handles

Unique one-of-kind fly whisp - whisk. A fly whisp made with real horse hair. You can purchase completed or send your hair for a whisp to be made commemorating your horse. We have to many options to list. Pine, Elm or Walnut. These handles have been made especially for Hobby Hill Farm. Hand Carved wooden handles are also available. You choose your leather color. We will design a custom whisp just for you. Fly Whisps take 2-4 weeks depending on the handle type. What we need: Cleaned,conditioned Horsehair approx 20" in length. The tail hairs should be wrapped at the bulkiest section. If you are sending multiple tails indicate whether you want chunks of each tail incorporated or blended into one fly whisp. Let us know if you would like a blunt cut or natural end.