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Carnaval Bamboo Cutting Board with Colored Cheese Tools

The perfect Hostess gift for the cheese connoisseur. Unfold the beautiful bamboo case to reveal a cutting board and four stainless steel cheese tools with multi-colored handles inside. The color and rich beauty of the Carnaval will help set the mood for your festive party. Compact and fully-enclosed.

Components: 1 Cutting board 4 stainless steel cheese tools (crumbly cheese chisel knife, cheese fork, pointed-tip hard cheese knife, and blunt-tip hard cheese knife) with painted rubber wood handles: each a different color: Yellow, Aqua, Burnt Orange, Green

Key Features: The cutting board folds into a compact bamboo case for easy storage and transport Cheese tools with multi-colored handles fit snugly into their own individual nooks opposite the cutting board 56 square inches of cutting surface

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