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Love the Vest & Cap Liner!

Dear Sharon,

I LOVE MY VEST & CAP LINER! I still ride early enough in the morning that I don't usually need it. However, I've been working in the yard after my ride until about noon or 90 degrees, whichever comes first. The vest & cap keep me comfortable & cool. I forwarded your website to ALL of my equine friends and told them that the vest & cap work! I know my friend, Shelley, ordered a vest & cap also from you. I'm putting the caps on a list for Christmas & birthday gifts. Thanks for having an excellent product!

Sarah H .. New Mexico
Testimonial By: Sarah H

Puppy Love is my Love


Thank you so much for making Puppy Love purse with the dashound in the middle. It is so perfect. My hat off to you and your people. Parthena, Oklahmoa, US
Testimonial By: Parthena Nelson

Need a Vest ASAP

Hello, I am a proud owner of one of your first vests. Really, your first costumer! If you look back you will see my name as your first costumer! You even sent me a hat insert free for being your first costumer. That was a long long time ago. I have used my vest up till about a year ago. I just gets wet these days. I am not a computer person but I am glad I found your company again. Yes I will order another vest and a neck wrap again. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I have given your name out to a LOT of people. I am glad to see things are going well with your company. Your first customer Debbie Cramer.
Testimonial By: Debbie Cramer — CA

Easy, Delicious Yogurt

Couldn't be more pleased than I am with my Yogotherm from Hobby Hill Farm! For a number of months I kept toying with the idea of making my own yogurt, but wasn't sure what type of equipment I really needed/wanted, how to get started, and how difficult it would be to actually do. Then I stumbled onto a recommendation and when I started reading about the Yogotherm on the Hobby Hill site, I found the answers I was looking for so took the plunge. Turned out to be the perfect decision for me. After I received the yogurt maker, instructions and included packets of starter, I made my first batch. While not a total failure, there was definitely room for improvement, so emailed Sharon with a few questions. I not only got a prompt response, but an offer to walk me through the process step by step by phone. Talk about customer service! Today I'm enjoying my third batch of lovely, creamy, delicious yogurt and have no intention of ever eating store bought yogurt again.
Testimonial By: Judy

first order

Hi , recieved my order yesterday . Everything arrived perfect and quickly!! Thanks so much again. Got the catalog as well and saw University items!! Do you have University of Kentucky???
Testimonial By: cheryl

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