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Welcome to Hobby Hill Farm. Hobby Hill Farm is committed to bringing you the highest quality products available at prices you can afford. Sure there are other companies that sell cooling products that are water activated and work on evaporative cooling technology. Have you checked the pricing lately for these products? Our competitive prices have stayed low over the last 5 years.

Equine-Cooling-Vest In 2016 Hobby Hill Farm celebrated our Eighth year in business having launched the cooling products division in 2008. Our first garment was manufactured for horses with the human side to follow. Equine Cooling Vest. This product has proven effective with all types of horses from mini's to drafts.  WSe expect a lot from our equines (trail riding, showing in any discipline or working on the farm) and in return we should make them as comfortable as possible. The Equine Cooling Vest provides cooling relief to the crucial organs in the chest region.  This combined with our cooling leg wraps will provide added comfort whether you are showing, trailering, working your horse or just trying to keep your stalled horse from experiencing heat stress or stroke.

Zip-Up Cooling-vest Our human cooling vests are available in Ez-over or Zip-Up Activewear zipper styles. These vests are designed to fit your shape. We know people come in all different shapes and sizes and we want you to feel your best when wearing our products. If we can do something to accommodate your shape better then we will make a vest custom designed for your size at a nominal charge. Plain or Standard embroidery is included at no additional charge. Cooling products are available for other livestock or pets as well such as our popular cooling crate blankets.  In fact, cooling products are offered year round and make great Holiday gifts for your family,friends or pets.

New products are always being introduced and we are committed to keeping prices as low as possible on our popular cooling products - Equine Cooling Vest, Zip-up Activewear Vest and cooling Hats & Scaves. Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

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