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Faux Sheepskin Elastic Covers

Faux sheepskin elastic strap covers stop rub marks when you are riding with your equine cooling vest on.  Two covers that allow free movement of elastic without rubbing your horses skin.  

These are an optional accessory, as it depends on the application of the cooling vest. If you plan to use the equine cooling vest when trailering or stalling you may not want to add the covers. We suggest using them if you plan on attaching the cooling vest to your saddle for a trail ride or workout. The attached picture shows the perfect attachment after the saddle has been cinched up. The covers for the elastic straps are shown in Cream.

Safety is paramount and we suggest that you try the cooling vest and any accessories in a controlled environment to see if your horse is going to have any issues with the equipment and/or related application. As indicated, we know that every horse is different and we are committed to providing alternatives to keeping your horse comfortable and safe when on the trail.


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