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Brunch Quiche from Scratch, Feta Cheese, & Baguettes and Bruschetta

Canning & Preserving Food - July 18th, 6pm


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Do you have a flush of seasonal fruits or veggies? Do you know how to use a "Canner" to preserve foods for you and your family?   Water Bath canning is one of the easiest ways to preserve veggies and fruit at the peak of the season.

There are differences to the types of canning processes based on the acidity of the product being preserved. If you preserve a product with the wrong process you run the risk of allow bad bacteria to grow.  This will make all the effort into preserving a waste of time, money and product.

If you would like to learn those differences and climb aboard the preserving bandwagon then sign up for one of our classes. During this 3 hour session will will show you how to prep, process and "put up"  your surplus fruit and vegetables.   Each date we will process a different type of fruit and/or vegetable.
Next Class : July 18th 6pm. - Working with Tomatoes and Blueberries

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Dan
Good Times

I felt like we learned a lot … we will definitely be doing more classes!!!

Laura Foussekis
what a great class

Learning to can fresh produce is a great skill. I was always afraid to can but this class took away that fear. What a joy to open your canned food and know that it contains no preservatives or anything you cannot pronounce.

Shirley Mann
Canning! Canning!

This was the first of many classes I have taken with Sharon. The class was all hands on and fun! This class led me to become a canning fanatic! I can everything and love it. Sharon will get you going!