Equine Cooling Vests reduce Heat related illness

It’s a fact – we cannot read our horses minds and they cannot speak to us when it is related to heat stress or stroke.  We can only watch for the signs of discomfort.  As a horse-owner for nearly 20 years I thought I saw it all from cuts to colic. This can be treated with medication.  The question you should be asking is “How can you stay on top of heat related illness?”  This is simple – take care of the external with our Equine Cooling Vests. Equine Cooling Vests reduce heat related illness.

Cooling with the use of Fans, Sprinklers, and Hydration are all within our immediate grasp except when we are on the Trail.  Whether you are on a short ride or a long ride you have to plan ahead.  One of the items we bring when trailering off-site is our water activated cooling vest for our horses.  So easy to use.  We activate the vest prior to leaving with some water  in a ziploc bag or bucket.  The water does not have to be hot and since there are no beads or gels we know our horses will not be exposed to toxic chemicals or vapors.

Once activated the vest can be applied with the two adjustable elastic straps. Criss-Cross over the back and the vest fits comfortably along the horse’s chest.  In addition, this vest works on evaporative cooling due to the special fibers that create the Hydroweave fabric. This technology has been in place for well over 10 years starting out in the medical field and then working it’s way into recreational areas.  First Responders to Racecar drivers have used this fabric. The fabric can be washed and dried naturally or in the dryer.  The fibers in this material take anywhere from 24-48 hours to thoroughly dry thus proving it’s ability to hold water to assist in the cooling process. Equine Cooling Vests reduce heat related illness by evaporating the heat along the chest wall keeping the heart and lungs cool.

Who in the Equine industry needs this vest?  EVERYONE   Now is the time to purchase these products .  Yours horses will thank you!