Cooling Vests with Hobby Hill Farm’s Cooling Vest at the Hanover Tomato Festival

The second Saturday in July marks the annual Hanover Tomato Festival. The festival is a celebration of, you guessed it, Hanover Tomatoes. The Hanover Tomato Festival was started in 1978 and has grown exponentially over the years. All the proceeds go to benefit the local fire department. I’m sure it was a hot and humid now as it was back then. What is the best way to stay cool?

When I arrived at 9am on Saturday, July 8th, Sharon was already there and our booth was set up and ready to go. She had been there sinceĀ  7:30am and was already wearing her Zip-Up Water Activated Cooling Vest.

Soon, things were in full swing and I quickly realized I had made a mistake by thinking I would be fine for a bit longer. The temperature quickly climbed to 95+, with a heat index of over 100 degrees!

I decide to dunk my vest in our melted ice, from the cooler. Ahhh, relief. As people walked by, I noticed they were using whatever they had to fan themselves. Even the pets that were there were terribly hot. At least they had a kiddy pool to cool off in.

Sharon and I kept very comfortable in our Zip-Up Cooling Vests. In case your wondering, the cooling fabric is made out of a special material, called Hydroweave and works through the process of evaporation. Depending on the conditions, you can get up to six hours of cooling benefits before needing to reactivate it.

If you would like to learn or to purchase more regarding our cooling products, just click the link:

I for one know how well these items work!

Hope to see you at next year’s Hanover Tomato Festival with your cooling products from Hobby Hill Farm!




Staying cool at the Hanover Tomato Festival

Staying cool at the Hanover Tomato Festival

Booth is ready

Booth is ready