Cooling Vest for Horses

Water activated cooling vests are easy to apply. Watch our video for strap placement and too see how the garment should fit. Order from

The AQHA has put out an excellent article this week for horse owners to follow before exercising their Equines. Here is the link to the article – Heat Stress for Horses

Extreme heat can lead to dehydration, tying up, heat exhaustion, colic and even death. Dr. Justin Voge of Hartman Equine in Whitesboro, Texas and Dr. Elaine Carpenter of Cave Creek Equine in Phoenix, Arizona, strongly recommend using common sense when determining whether or not your horse is at risk for these conditions.

“We advise to not exercise your horse in the heat of the day,” Dr. Carpenter says. “Pick early morning or late evening when it’s cooler to ride or work your horse.”
That said, even in cooler parts of the day during the summer, take extra care to properly warm up and cool your horse down.
“Just be sensible. If it’s hot out and you’re hot, think about how hard you work your horse. A fit horse can handle it better than a horse that’s not fit,” Dr. Carpenter says.

In a nutshell – “When the heat index exceeds 180, do not exercise horses because the horse’s heat dissipation systems will not be adequate to prevent heat stress.”