Halloween Decor for You & Your Pet

Halloween is right around the corner.  You decorate your house with Pumpkins, Corn Stalks and beautiful Garden Flags.  Why not decorate your pet? Tons of commercial products available for Dogs & Cats but not so much for Horses so start thinking about it now.

Outdoor Fall Festivals are in full swing and dogs on leashes are allowed at most.  What does your best friend wear?  My dog has never dressed up for an event so I am going to try something new. I also plan on dressing up my horse.  I wish I had thought of the captioned photo.  It’s right on the mark.

That’s okay there are several sites out there where you can get some inspiration.  I started my search via Facebook and landed on Pinterest creating a board to save those unique costumes.  You can see our Pinterest board here. Feel free to re-pin our pictures on your page. Looking forward to cooler weather and having some outdoor time with our dog and horses.

Puppy Power

Puppy Power



Fly it Flag

If the Broom Fits