About Us

I am often asked – “What does Hobby Hill Farm do?”  Sometimes I find myself answering “What don’t we do?”

In a nutshell – Hobby Hill Farm started out mainly as a retail site.  We manufactured products for the Equine industry and then developed and marketed a water activated cooling garment for horses.  This product is known as the Equine Koozie ™.  The item was so popular that we began manufacturing cooling products for people and dogs.

Our retail site has continued to grow offering so much more than horse related products. We are constantly adding products for the home – whether it be a flag, pillows or coasters. Leather and Tapestry purses seem to never go out of style.

The popularity of sustainable living has hit an all-time high with the loss of jobs and higher unemployment levels. With that in mind we are offering products such as cheese making, fermenting and canning supplies for people wishing to produce and store food harvested from their land.

You can check out our catalog by selecting the PDF file on the right hand sidebar.